DSL Email migration to Home Fusion account

I just spent the better part of and hour on the phone trying to figure out why I can not move my DSL email account to the Home Fusion Wireless account????

1. I was told that when I disconnect my DSL account all my Email accounts go away (not a good thing)!!!!!

2. Vz wireless and Vz landlines will not talk to each other...........

3.Tech support for DSL provided me with the most help, The Gentleman I spoke with made several calls to various groups and gave this option. I can pay 19.99 a year and Vz would move the accounts to where I can access them. Is it just me or is this just a little off center.This is still all Vz. Servers. 

4. At this time I still believe that this is all Vz.  One name one company one bill and so on. 

5. So why won't Vz DSL just move my Email accounts to the wireless account this would seem to be the most logical thing to  make available instead the headache of reestablishing all those email accounts.