Data charges when device not in use

Last month I received a bill for over $950 in data overage fees.  

When I contacted Verizon for an explanation, it turned out no one could tell me day by day what the charges were.  Essentially I was told, your device, your use, your charges.  

Eventually, someone contacted their fraud department on my behalf, and I was told there was no one else using my device. I don't even know how they could determine this.  

I was also told there was use during times the device would not have been in use unless someone was somehow hacking into it without my knowledge and clearly without my consent.  

So far, I have been told that Verizon may be willing to work with me on these overage charges, but all I get when I ask for help is told the particular person I am talking with cannot help me, but maybe I can try another department.  

I have spoken with management who likewise passed me off to someone else.  

I am wondering if anyone else out there has had similar problems with Verizon?  Has anyone found anyone who has helped them through a billing matter like this?  I am thinking either this is a billing error or someone can access my device without me knowing about it, and from far away, as no one can get that close without me knowing about it.  

Help, anyone?

Re: Data charges when device not in use
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