Difficulty with Outlook Using Verizon/Yahoo Email
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I believe Verizon used to offer three browsing environments for customers. Verizon with MSN, Verizon with Yahoo, and a standalone Verizon browser. When I contracted Verizon Internet Services I selected "Verizon with Yahoo" for my browser and email. My wife (and son when he lived with us) had their own primary email profiles on our Verizon account. I have two email profiles associated with my Verizon Primary account: 1) The original USERID.net provided by Verizon, 2) An alias associated with that userid. I also have another primary that I use for formal mail. These are accessed daily from my PC and my synced phone.

I kept no contacts on the web mail server. All contact info, permananent send/receive history, and archives were managed by my MS Office Outlook 2013. I accessed the web mail portal as an added filter, occasionally reviewing the spam folder for any misrouted mail, and identifying spam in the inbox. Then I would clean out the trash and spam from the server before downloading my mail to my Outlook.

Since about January, 2018 I have been experiencing email difficulty with my Outlook. I could receive email addressed to my primary and alias but could not "SEND" from my primary or alias. The oddity being I could send and receive Verizon Yahoo from my android phone successfully. Also my formal email profile could send and receive with no issue. I could email from the web portal too. The assumption was that it must be a password or port concern in Outlook. However I have reviewed, reentered, tested, attempted repair, and researched the problem to no avail. I thought it was caused by Microsoft Updates but now I have the notion that it somehow stems from Verizon orphaning their subscribers.

Recently, in the past two days, I have even lost the ability to "RECEIVE" Verizon Yahoo email addressed to my alias via Outlook on my PC. I can still send and receive on my phone, and my formal email is still functioning correctly. Why this is baffles me. My formal email and the alias use the same ports and criteria. Just a different user name and password. For the moment I can still send/receive email from my phone or my other profile on my PC.

My next assumption was that it must be a security software or firewall block. I checked my antivirus and antimalware applications for any exclusions or indication that it may be blocking Outlook and found nothing. Next was the Microsoft firewall. Everything seemed normal. Then the MS Computer Management and Verizon Admin portal firewall. Here's where I have no clue. There is no visually identifiable or verbatim, indication of a port being blocked. My question is "What am I supposed to be looking for, and where?" Or has Verizon totally bungled email?

Anyone with answers?

Re: Difficulty with Outlook Using Verizon/Yahoo Email
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Make sure you use the correct yahoo URLs, and Ports as well as have SSL set.  Make sure your id has @verizon.net attached.  Yes people starting recently were having with Yahoo/verizon interface.  Search for some threads about it.  If you have the correct settings you will have to contact them.  Some have better success talking to Verizon, but officially Yahoo should be contacted.

They got rid of Verizon with MSN a long time ago.  They still have some users with yahoo email.  The rest have been migrated to AOL although you keep the userid@verizon.net id and they have aliases for pop.verizon.net and smtp.verizon.net that point to the servers you need.

Brand new users have to sign up with a mail service, they no longer include one.  You can sign up for free with AOL, Yahoo, or your own favorite such as Apple, or Gmail.