Dispute with Verison caused cancellation of my credit card


Verizon has lowered our credit rating and caused cancellaton of other credit card.   We had a dispute with Verizon over a terminaton fee for a second phone line.  When my husband swapped from Century Link to Verison we were told it would be a certain amount.  It increased by $20 after the first month.  After 6 months we went to Verison store and questioned the amount.     The 2nd line was never used--no phone activity--we just wanted it for emergencies.    So  The sales person told us to pay $200 and it would be taken care of.  To ignore the next bill.   When the 2nd bill came in, we again went to the Verison store.  The salesperson no longer was employeed there and the manager said we would just have to keep paying the bill and the back payments.   So my husband being the stubborn person he is, refused to pay it.  We got called everyday from a debt collector.---over a stupid phone bill!!!!  (in hindsight--I would just pay it, not worth the stress...but it was the principle of the thing)

 Now I got a notice from my credit card company that my card  is being cancelled due to my low credit score.   The sad thing....I still have Verizon account for all 4 cell phones...pay on time and have never missed a payment.   It is hard not to be bitter...will be looking to change to track phones as soon as contracts are up. 

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Was this a landline phone or cell?