Don't regulate passwords
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After seeing that someone hacked into my Verizon email account and sent spam from it to everyone on my list, I of course came in to change my account password. I want the strongest password available, which would include letters, numbers, and symbols. When I attempted to change MY account password to the one I chose, Verizon tells me I cannot use "special symbols" as part of my password. Um, it is not your place to decide what I choose to password protect the account I pay for each month!

Verizon, I put up with your slow service, horrible customer support, and lousy webiste I cannot even access with Google Chrome, but this is going too far. You have no right to decide what my password consists of. Period.

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Be sure to vote for the posts in the Idea Exchange where this has been proposed:


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Based on a Verizon comment about the proposal, they are probably working to allow special characters.