E-Mail Problems

Sat. Dec. 9, 2011  When I click on a box to delete or if I open an e-mail and click the word "delete" it will not delete.  When I open an e-mail message an entirely different message than the one I click on opens.  Error msg on deleting says "undefined".  There have been a major number of error messages associated with actions in e-mail for weeks.  Also for several weeks I get a "double exposure" on the tool bar on top of e-mail making it difficult to click on anything to perform an action.  When I am in the middle of typing a reply to an e-mail the entire message just disappears into cyberspace sometimes repeatedly.  THIS IS GETTING OLD!  What is going on?

I am on a farily  new HP Windows 7 Pavilion g6.

Re: E-Mail Problems
Master - Level 3

I am sorry to hear about the webmail problems you are having. I have sent you a private message to get more info from you.