I find it hard to believe that Verizon can put an ad on TV showing their advancements and achievements e.g.  Masks for firemen that can allow them to see through the smoke and children attending school by means of a robot bringing the child to the classroom via of a TV screen and electronics but they cannot fix my e-mail. My sub account which was supposed to be my primary account is not and Verizon says they cannot fix it. A subaccount has 250mg of storage while the primary has 2 gigabytes which I need for my situation. But their ad states how technologically advanced they are. I have spent numerous hours talking with Verizon techs trying to remedy this e-mail problem which they caused in the first place. Their tech took it upon himself to name the primary account but I am being penalized.

I have been told to use outlook (which I can only use if I have my laptop with me at all times). I have been told to set up a free account with any of the many provides that are out there but e-mail is part of the service I pay Verizon for. There has been other inconvenient work around by Verizon.

 Why can’t they figure out how to change the sub account with the primary?

I feel I am stuck with a contract that I honor but they don’t