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One of the old customers who was moved from Verizon e-mail to AOL e-mail.

I have receiving and sending fine, but mail messages to me are NOT being deleted from the AOL server, after being received by me, even after I delete the received message....

This is leading to a massive number of messages on the AOL server, which I have to log into manually through a web browser, and then delete. 

How do I configure my e-mail to automatically delete AOL e-mails once received by my e-mail program?

iMac Mid 2011, using Apple Mail, OS 10.13.6

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Hey Doc, 

Are you using Outlook?  If so there is a setting to delete emails from the server.

Also, I posted last week....the AOL POP3/SMTP server has been down almost every other day (down again this morning).  I tried posting here and calling support, but crickets to date.  No response/no answers from support.