E mail connection I pad,iPhone Mac lap top
none of the devices can be connected to verizon e mail. I have visited two Apple stores and spent at least 4 hours in phone conversation. I can re dive e mail but none are able to be sent. This occurred after leaving the USA.
Today I was written to change ports but the directions are not clear and do not connect . It is impossible to receive tech support even though a 24 hour number is listed. I am angry! Verizon was promised to be the provider that these issues would not occur for those who travel.it is concerning to know I will need to change my provider as this time waisted is just unacceptable! I am very disappointed....
Re: E mail connection I pad,iPhone Mac lap top
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Outside of the USA there will be problems. See


and note in particular this paragraph:

"Additionally, we have implemented measures to prevent future unauthorized access attempts which may affect your ability to access your Verizon.net email from locations outside the U.S. If you experience difficulty reaching your Verizon.net email account, you can always access it online at mail.verizon.com or through the Verizon My FiOS app for mobile devices. For further information see the Verizon Webmail FAQs."

In some cases you can get them to whitelist the IP address.