EMAIL and third party servers, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc
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Ok. I posted here a couple weeks ago when I found out Verizon had locked myself, along with many others, out of their email accounts and access to third party mail servers, mine being Apple Mail. Took four days before I could even log into my email through webmail. They claim a server issue, but I truly believe they got hacked or something like that and they locked everyone out to fix it. Regardless of the reason, they claim their servers are back up and running, but I still cannot access my email from Apple Mail,,its a must due to other connections and email I use.

Verizon help, or lack there of, was useless.  Dozens of hours, countless same procedures, wanting access, checking settings, all of which or correct. Excuses blaming Apple, DSL provider, aliens, whatever. Finally, I got one of them to admit something happened and people were locked out for security. Great, good job, now let me back into my mail I have had for over 10 years. Not going to happen. Still get the same scripted excuses, sorry, thanks for calling and it will be fixed tomorrow,,,,,and it won't. 

All I asked was for the truth so I would know if I had to get a new email address, I begged them for help, told them were the problem it, outgoing, Post 995,,,being timed out because they are not allowing third parties in, even though this is the only Port they will accept now that they have switched back to POP.  My Port 995 works fine, pinged great. 

Obvious Verizon does not care, refused to help, refused to say what happened or offer any assistance, except, sorry and it will be working tomorrow,,,been over two weeks. 


Go to yahoo or google and sign up for a new email account, or you can use whatever other email you have.  Under the settings in webmail, you can opt to have all of your email forwarded to another email address. I opened two new gmail accounts for my wife and I and now have all my emails forwarded there.  Now I can again access my email address on my Apple Mail, like nothing ever happened.  

Not happy I had to do this, but it became obvious verizon did not want to do anything about it. If you are having a problem, open another email account, NOT VERIZON, and forward your verizon mail to it under settings. Works great.

Thanks for the hard work verizon, great customer service, honesty and integrity.  Appreciate the countless hours wasted.