Email Alias Assistance

I have a few questions regarding the Email accounts I have with Verizon DSL.  I currently have 1 Primary and 7 Sub Accounts with my Verizon DSL account.  ( I believe Verizon offers a maximum of 8 Sub Accounts. )

I was able to successfully create an Email Alias with my Primary account.  However, when I try to create an Email alias with any of  my sub accounts, clicking on the link to do so results in nothing...... it is as if the " create alias " link is not connected to any action.

I sign on with any of my sub accounts and proceed  to the Accounts settings page and then to the profile page where I am presented with various options...... one of them being a subheading of Email Alias and the link to the right of that to " Create Alias " ...... but as I said above when I click on that link nothing at all happens.

So I have now called Verizon technical support 2 days in a row...... the latest being a short time ago...... about this issue.  The call to Verizon support yesterday was a complete disaster with the person having no clue as to what I was even referring to about Verizon Email alias.  The call to Verizon support today was a little more productive as the person did a remote session to better take a look at things.

However...... after the call to Verizon support today ( about an hour long ) the support person said she referred to the Network specialist and the outcome of that was my being told that there can be no Email alias made for /. attached to any of the Verizon DSL sub accounts.  That Only the Primary Email with the Verizon DSL account can have an Email alias made for it.

My main question is...... just for extra verification of what I was told on the phone today...... is that the case that a Verizon DSL sub account can not have an Email alias made / attached with it ?  I find htat odd because when I sign on with any of my sub accounts and proceed to the accounts / Profile page it lists an item for Alias with the link option to " Create alias "  Why would such an item be listed there under each sub account if an Email alias can not be made for any sub account ?

Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this and can provide me with the extra assistance / clarification on the matter.


Re: Email Alias Assistance

A couple days now have gone by and not a single reply to the question(s) I had...... disappointing.  Maybe the original post was too long of a read.

What I essentially wanted to verify was if a Verizon DSL Email alias can be created for a Verizon DSL sub account ?

Others who have tried doing such a thing without success could just say " nope...... a Verizon DSL alias can Only be created for the Primary account Email.  


Or anyone who has successfully created a Verizon email alias to one / some of their sub accounts could say " yep...... a Verizon DSL alias Can be created for a Verizon DSL sub account " because they have done it.

Ok...... this time narrowed the focus of this thread to a single question in bold.  I guess I will wait to see again if it brings any responses......