Email Filter Limit?
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I'm trying to establish email filters based on the content of 'From" and 'Subject' fields.  At the desktop, Outlook is good at catching garbage messages, but my phone email client does not.  Anything that makes it to my Verizon inbox is passed to the phone, and I'm tired of seeing dozens of junk emails for schools, ink and toner, lanterns, dick size, insurance, etc. all showing up on my phone.

It's worked pretty well with the filters so far, but it won't allow me to create more than 50.  Is there a way to increase this limit?

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Yes, the filter limit sucks! Why not a limit of like 1000?

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Not only is there a limit, the Webmail filter rules are ultra simplistic.  At best it is only a first line of defense.

I only use it for the most common, easy to filter on spam...


If From Contains Viagra delete    

If Subject Contains Viagra delete   


If From Contains Cialis delete    

If Subject Contains Cialis delete

I suggest finding a *better* cell phone email client which allows not comb filtering but notch allowance filtering.  That is ONLY download emails to the cell phone where messages meet criteria but not delete them from the server.  Then MS Outlook (I'll presume this is MS Outlook from the Office suite) downloads and deletes all mail from the server and does the major spam processing.