Email Filtering

Is it possible to filter email so that when messages arrive from certain addresses, they are automatically moved to folders I have created?

Thanks to anyone who can answere this.  It is NOWHERE on Verizon's site!


Re: Email Filtering
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Yes.  You state "...folders I have created?" so we'll start from there. 

NOTE:  Webmail has limitations.

In Webmail ,  go to...

Settings --> email settings --> filters

Choose "Add New Filter"

It defaults to If "From"

Choose the criteria "Contains" or "Matches" and type in the open field the "sender name".

Choose "Move messages to folder" then select from the pull-down list the folder you previously created to move the email message to.

Then choose "Save" at the top.

You will see a Filter "rule" has been added something to the effect of...

If From Contains John Q. Public move to Selected_Folder


If From Matches John Q. Public move to Selected_Folder

The max number of Filter Rules is 50.

If you use an email client such as MS Outlook, ThunderBird, Eudora, etc., you will have much greater flexibility and enhanced capability. 

For example:

I use Pegasus Mail  (aka; P-Mail) and not only will it move a selected email message to a particular folder but it will play a WAV file (sound file) of my choice when the email is received.