Email Forwarding

How do I have my email automatically forwarded to my home email account?

I do not want to have to log into the Verizon web site in order to receive those emails.

Thank you.

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Master - Level 2

Log into the webmail.

Select setting from the top menu bar

Select Email Settings from the left side

Choose the forwarding sub-topic and enter where you want the mail to be delivered to.

The above steps are assuming you are using the new email version.

To verify, across the top menu bar beginning with Conversation.  If you don't have that you may be using the Classic view. On the top it will say go to new email version.  Choose that and then follow the steps provided.


I was told when I signed up for verizon that I could forward my emails from my old account to account for 30 days. It is now 15 days and no one has been able to tell me how to forward my emails. How do I forward them and how much will it cost me to terminate my account with verizon and go back to optimum at the end of the 30 day trial period?


your optimum account has to be active for this to work, but you go to to and follow the instructions.

OR if you are logged into your email at the website, you click settings at the top and then click import from the bottom left hand menu that pops up. 

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