Email Issues
I'm having trouble printing from my Verizon email message center.  When I open a doc that I want to print and click on the printer icon I get a splash.  I see others have had this same issue (see below).  Does anyone know if this issue can be resolve?  Talked a Verizon rep yesterday and they tried to tell me it was my printer.  Which I can print anything I want to print just not Verizon email.  Thanks Fanaug
Re: Email Issues
Specialist - Level 2

First make sure pop up blocker is off, or at least make sure popups for the site are allowed. IF it still fails select Microsoft XPS Document Writer (if you are running Windows) and you should be able to create an XPS file to whatever location you select, Then open that file and try to print it from your hard drive or where ever you choose to save it.