Email - My Verizon Page
Contributor - Level 3

There are 2 issues i have with the My Verizon Page and they dont go away:

1.  That message saying 'Action Needed' asking me to verify my email address. What is this? I click on send email verification , then it says sent and I x out and then when I go back in, the message is back.  So it doesnt go away and I dont receive an email message at all.  WHat is it doing exactly????  I have had this email for a long time and have obviously been a Verizon customer forever. Please fix this Verizon.

2.  That Stay Connected popup is annoying. It covers the inbox area so I cant see new messages.

Please dont block the inbox area. I just want to see new message amount there. Please fix that.  I dont want to stay connected.  when i x out, i want it gone forever.  It comes back.

I was told to use, but that changes to the other address anway after i use it so that is not a solution here. Why cant this stuff be fixed?  and when will it be able to keep us signed in??  The solution provided did not work and to just not use the my verizon page is not really a solution anyway.