Email Retention in Verizon Mail
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How can I increase the number of emails retained in Verizon mail. Currently I can retain about 300 + emails in my inbox before they are deleted. Can I increase this within Verizon Mail or do I have to move to another mail product like outlook?
Re: Email Retention in Verizon Mail
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Verizon doesn't automatically delete messages from your inbox.

Any time mail disappears from the server, there's a pretty good chance there's some device pulling it off. This can happen even without you intending it to. For example, the default Verizon setup for a long time (and possibly still) configured Outlook automatically unless you were paying attention and unchecked the box during the install.

The easiest way to fix it is to change your password. Once the device(s) can no longer authenticate, the disappearances should stop.