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Verizon's so-called eMail SPAM Filtering essentially does NOTHING.  At present it is USELESS.  I'm receiving on average 30-40 SPAM eMail DAILY which are missed by Verizon's eMail SPAM Filtering.  I've tried creating my own Filters then discovered there is a limit of 50 Filters!  USELESS.  And to add insult, when I created the 50 Filters, my SPAM volume went UP.  I've removed them because these so-called Filters appear to be nothing more than an Advertising Talking Point, just like the SPAM Filtering.

Does anyone have a suggestion other than switching ISPs or changing eMail address, both of which would only last for a short time?


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Spamers have gotten very good at getting past filters these days.

Don't switch ISPs, switch email providers.  Gmail's spam filters work great and it can be configured to both send and receive email.


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I had started a similar thread on this subject and do not want to direct my VZ email account through Gmail for privacy reasons.

Yesterday morning I think I discovered the solution for these massive spam attacks I receive daily as the VZ Spam Detector is worthless. It is a cloud based spam blocking app for your phone called SpamDrain. You can read about how effective it is on the thread I had started.