Email Security Settings Change & Norton

I tried the new email security settings.  I have Windows 7 and use Windows Live Mail. Email seemed to work OK.  But then I noticed that Norton Security 2015 was no longer scanning the emails.  I tried to add the new ports 995 and 465 to my Norton anti-vurus protected ports , but it will not let me do that.  I get a message that says "This port is used by programs other than the supported email programs.  It cannot be added to the list of protected email ports."

So with the new Verizon settings, my email wil not be protected by Norton Security.  Does anyone know how to remedy this?

Re: Email Security Settings Change & Norton
Customer Service Rep

Hi MarkFar,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Forum. Unfortunately, this question would best be answered by Norton. We did find a link to a Norton Forum thread related to this that may yeild some answers for you. Here you go, Let us know if we can be of any further help.