Email Server Failures Continue !
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What is the deal, Verizon ???

Messing with your customers' email client settings, unreliable email servers, horribly slow loads of even you OWN web pages, and an evidently deteriorating quality assurance, all have become the hallmarks of Verizon's Internet services.

Please put less emphasis on twirling dumbbells, dancing girls, useless flashing panels, and Hollywood "exclusives."  I thought we had all grown beyond that junk with the obvious near-certain demise of AOL and MSN services that focused on "pretty" rather than "reliable."

Get the doggoned email server issues fixed !   WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH !!


Re: Email Server Failures Continue !

I too am fed up with getting the constant run around from the Verizon support .... I even did a snail mail complaint to Verizon head quarters.... None of them respond acknowledging the problem.   They keep looking client side, when it is obvious from all these posts, it is on their server. For the money I pay every month just for Fios, I am currently investigating my local Time Warner package....