Email Sub Account Hell
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Email sub account locked out & won't unlock

My sub account just locked out yestery afternoon.   They reset the password and when i try it - the message is always your account is locked due to multiple attempts.  The support folks are no help because they can only reset my Primary account - and so does the automated process.   Basically spent 2 hours yesterday and another hour today.  I was literally told by the TX call center supervisor that i have to wait my turn and it takes 24hrs to resolve a ticket and the obligatory "someone will call you shortly" - that was 3 hours ago..   I get it - Verizon is a big company with a broad reach of services - but they can't resolve a password issue?  I was told it's my browser - after trying IE, Chrome, IPAD - still the same result.  It's not the browser.  

They keep trying to reset my primary account!!   I'm a small business and thanks to Verizon I am still without email communications to customers, family and friends.  Verizon is very good at sending reminder emails when your bill is due - i pay close to $400/mo.    And to think i just upgraded to Quantum.   Still waiting for the resolution........................

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Go here:

That should allow you to reset the sub account by answering the Secret Question. Select password for what you forgot, put in the username of the sub account you want to reset, then answer the sub account's secret question correctly.

Keep in mind that NONE of the "forgot password" links on Verizon sites point to this page. There is no way to get to this particular flow other than going directly to

Re: Email Sub Account Hell
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Diode, please private message me for an important notice.