Email account Recovery after account cancelled.

I signed up for VerizonYourDomain service (paying 19.95 to keep my email addresses) and then cancelled my phone and DSL internet.  I thought that I could accces my emai after I cancelled,  when I tried to log in today all my accounts were disabled.  After spending 3.5 hours on the phone (3.0 hours on hold between all the transfers),  the final answer was were sorry and we can't recovery your email accounts.

I found out today I was suppose to call customer service and have them to retain the broadband essential and extra before I ported my phone number.  i had to wait 5 days before verizon released my phone number to ATT wireless, so I wanted to make sure i had phone and internet before I cancelled,

ANY IDEAS on how to get 10 years and 250Mb of emails and contacts back?