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Currently I ahve FIOS for TV, INternet, Email - I  have sold my home and will be closing in the next several weeks. I have been told I can take my FIOS email address with me as I will be using Verizon Wireless in the very rural area I am moving too and some tech support people have told me no I cannot take it. I need to know by 12/15. Please let me know as ASAP.  Verizon FIOS is not available in the area - I will have a Verizon Freedom landline as wellas Verizon Wireless phone and wireless internet access. Thanks.g

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You cannot link your email address to a Wireless account, but you can link it to Verizon Your Domain for $19.95/year. If you really want to keep your email address without Verizon internet service, that's probably your best bet.