Email being sent via Webmail detected as spam???
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I'm currently using Verizon's Webmail (in the middle of a move so I don't have my desktop PC - on which I use Outlook - set up yet) for my email needs. I was replying to a friend but when I tried to send the email I got the following message:

"Unable to send e-mail: 550 5.7.1 The message you attempted to send was determined to be spam. Please visit for more information."

I don't understand why they're saying my email is spam. I do NOT have a header/footer/signature in the email at all. I *did* include a url, but it was to an entry I'd made on LiveJournal. I have done this many times before (i.e. included urls in emails, some of which have been to LiveJournal entries that did not include spam) and this is the first time it's happened. I did send them message to the address included in the Spam FAQ page almost an hour ago. I tried to resend the email but I keep getting the same message.

I just don't see why this is happening suddenly. Do I now need to avoid including any links/urls in emails because they suddenly constitute spam?? How am I going to direct a friend to a website that is most definitely not spam? Tell them the name and tell them to Google it themselves? This is extremely annoying.

Re: Email being sent via Webmail detected as spam???
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I am having the exact same problem and it started a couple of weeks ago. Two emails I sent that were identifed as SPAM by Verizon spam detector contained nothing that should have triggered it--sent to only one person who was on my contacts lists and most importantly contained no spam. One had a web link in the body of the email and that is what seemed to trigger something, but it was just two web links about comparing carpet types. One was an email that was a forward of a few emails that already exisited in my email and had gone through by email account already. It was a work related email and was timely in nature so really upset me when I discovered it didn't go through. I sent them to the spamdetector site as instructed, but of course they indicated that they won't let you know if your email was cleared--you just need to try to send it again.

Clearly something recently has happened to Verizon's spam detector since it looks like we are having the same problem. Could Justin or a Verizon technical advisor help us figure out to solve this problem? It is more than annoying. For the money I'm paying to Verizon, I really expect better service than this.