Email fonts and Bold

Can't find ANYTHING on your site to provide feedback on email.  WHY is it that when I highlight text to BOLD it or to CHANGE FONT PT, the cursor jumps to the top of the email?  I have to reposition the cursor where the text is.and RETYPE what I want - that's if the cursor stays there - I have to trick it everytime.   Why don't all of the functions work on your email service?  The cursor jumps allover and, NO, my touchpad is NOT activated. TOO MANY GLITCHES in the email service. IT DOESN'T MEASURE UP TO OTHER PROVIDERS.  BIGGEST COMPLAINT?  There's no way to provide you feedback on these issue unless I call and who has time to be on hold for 20 minutes?  POOR SERVICE, VERIZON.

Re: Email fonts and Bold
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I have made those text modifications without any problems. If you are having these problems, its going to be browser related. Try using another browser or disabling browser add ons that could be interfering with the websites operation.