Email forwarding

I am wondering if it is possible to have my verizon.netemail forwarded to another email account upon discontinuing service.  I have been unable to contact customer service to get an answer and I don't think my new provider will be able to retrieve my verizon email account.  Thanks

Re: Email forwarding
Specialist - Level 2

I believe you will need to pay a fee to continue your Verizon email service if you change providers. Then you can subscribe to another service such as ZOHO or goole and  retreive your verizon via either of those interfaces. To save the monthly fee I would go to a free provider (I use Zoho mail free version) and use their's as your primary. Of course you will have the hassle of changing your address with contacts and/or web sites but once changed over you can terminate the yearly fee (see verizon your domain)