Email from Verizon is this a real or fake
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Dear My Verizon Customer:

IMPORTANT: Please read this entire message. Action required.

Due to our commitment to customer privacy and the security of your Verizon account information, we need you to verify the primary email address that Verizon should use to communicate with you. Click on the link below and enter your zip code to verify that this email address is correct.
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Thank you for choosing Verizon. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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Re: Email from Verizon is this a real or fake
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This email seems to be the email that is sent to make sure you have updated information for your Verizon account.  The email would be questionable if it were asking for your password.  You do not have to update that information here you can go to your Account  login and update your email address in your account.  There may even be a prompt when you login asking you to verify your contact email. Please let us know if you need further assistance.  Thanks, Tonya C.

Re: Email from Verizon is this a real or fake
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Huh? Well we just got this 'Email" today 4/10/12 from Verizon suposedly with an outrageous bill of $ 935 when we have a set bill of $122. plus change,  so readers please be AWARE! that these crazy Verizon bills showing in your "IN BOX" are fake so if your bill is waayy too much or out of the ordinary ? on the email DO NOT! click on any of those Links just  DELETE and search Verizon's Official web site to log on to your Acct, and find out what's wrong or simply call verizon concerning any outstanding billing

Sincerely :

Verizon customer