Email password now dual

After an apparent Facebook hack, I tried to change my Verizon email password. None of the paths from the Verizon.Yahoo site worked. One led to a blank page, another to Verizon FiOS TV signup. I went around in circles on my own, then on two separate chat sessions, watched as Verizon agents went around in the same circles. The first eventually led me to a change password page that seemed as though it worked (maybe it did; see below). But when I then tried to log in the usual way, my password had not been changed.

The second chat session ended with me excusing myself to feed the kids, and when I came back my computer had been rebooted. But no change in password change availability. I then telephoned Verizon support and was talked through another password change procedure using, which worked--but only for access to email via Now when I go the usual way (would that be "My Verizon," Verizon Yahoo, Verizon Central, or what?), I still have to use the old (possibly compromised) password, but the new one works if I go through

This is not a satisfactory outcome. Does anyone have a way of working with Verizon that doesn't involve further huge outlays of time we don't have?

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