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Several times in the last couple of years... and again today... the system refuses to accept my password for my email and I have to reset my password. Now here's the idiocy of this plan. The system sends a temporary password TO MY EMAIL which I cannot access, because Verizon is not accepting my password to open my account. So I have to call customer service who tells me it is a system error (with a little chuckle),and not to worry because no one has tried to access my account. However I have lost valuable time dealing with their system's incompetence.

Absolutely frustrated with Verizon!

Re: Email password
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If you are using any programs or windows features to store passwords I would clear them of all saved credentials first. Then  \always type your user name and password for the VZ site but do not use the 2 week save option which in my experience is a bit "flaky".