Email problem

My ability to log in to email started was at first erratic and has disappeared. The log in sequence has been fluky. A lot of times if select "Keep me logged in" the system does not do so. 

When I sign in on the main page I am often presented with a large dialog box with a gray banner asking me to sign in. Sometimes I can enter my log in info. Sometime that box won't let me. Sometimes when I fill this out and hit log in it asks me to log in again. When it fails, the system shows me as logged in with a "Welcome R." in the red bar on the upper right. (And there was a period a couple months ago when it would simply stall out on the process of opening the inbox) Sometimes the system simply asks me to log in several times after I've done so.

 The big problem is when I select "Email and More"  I am supposed to get three choices. 1. email overview 2. email (which lets me get to the inbox) and 3. send a text message. I have only be able to get 2. Once since Tuesday. Sometimes 2 and 3 do  not display. So lacking 2. I can't get to the inbox 

I spent an hour with chat Tuesday. Downloaded GoToAssist successfully but it never presented a prompt for granting the tech rep access. He kept telling me that he could not see my screen. I kept saying I had not been given a prompt. Instead of suggesting we do something else, he just kept saying he could not see my screen. I don't see the point of going back to chat unless I've got a couple of hours to kill. 

I gave up and quit the chat session. i tried "Clear History" That worked once late Tuesday afternoon but since then that does not work.

I am on a Mac. I do not have  a problem with Aol or my outlook/exchange mail or any other function to my knowledge.

Re: Email problem
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Try logging in at instead of your current link. It should take you directly into your Inbox without any of the other pages.