Email problems

3 yrs ago  I  closed out Fios during a move because it isnt offered in my new location, and kept the verizon email. Its been nothing but a cluster with the landline service not being able to verify our account number, essentially we didnt exist but were still paying.

Today Im having issues with my email contacts, (that are only available on Outlook not Web based) sending me emails as a spoof. I recognize the name but the domain is different from the contacts and from the language used its not a friend. They leave a link.

So I have concerns over my email password. But I have a problem understanding why the password on the web mail is different from the one I use for Outlook on my computer. I want to change the password, not on the Verizon web site but on my email access on Outlook.

Ive verified all that Ive mentioned and can only guess that my email address is somehow held in another part of Verizon that inaccessible to me (my previous FIOS account).

How is this even possible?

And what can I do about it?

Any ideas are appreciated.