Email settings - some work, some don't

I keep going to email settings to create a signature.  I do it over and over and save, save, save.  It doesn't work.  I signed out and signed back in.  I sent an email to my other account.  NOTHING. 

Also, you can't REALLY change the text color or font size while doing your signature and forget about using two DIFFERENT fonts.  The cursor jumps to the beginning of the email and, once you highlight text you want to format, the highlighting goes away and you are back at the beginning of the email!

Finally, the spell checker is a joke, right?  Right up there with the tech wizard!  What grade level is the spell checker set to when words like "otherwise," "recent," and "publish" are questionned every time?  Doesn't the spell checker at least learn once I have established that these simple words are ok?  What a waste of time.  It's useless to me.

Verizon has a long way to go.  They offer a shoddy email experience.  How unprofessional can you guys be?  If you can't offer a decent email experience, then get out of the email business, 'cause you don't have it down.

Re: Email settings - some work, some don't
Master - Level 3

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with your email. I was not able to reproduce these problems when I sent an email using the website. What browser are you using? Are you getting the same result on multiple computers?