Email support complaint

How about help your customers because you still can’t fix the problem but at least you admit it's your problem, the agent that helped me seems to be the best you have, maybe you can call Microsoft to help you all fix your problems. I will talk with them and see if they can fix your problems. Apple support is the best they just try and help they don’t care who problem it is because they know a customer’s problem is everyone’s problem. I know you don’t help with apple products because you can’t make them work and now you have to add Microsoft windows mail and outlook because you can’t make them work either and its easer to say we don’t help with those products then just saying we don’t know what we are doing and you're paying for a lower product. I think you should start telling the customers that if you want to check your email on another program or portable device you should take your business someplace else, ours works from the internet only. It would be easier than spending a year trying to fix the problem and keep shooing me away. This time it is “we just need 24hr. for yahoo to reset” You all found away to blame someone else again. I think you all have blamed everyone but old women. I think that will be the next call’s answer to pass the buck. Your people are friendly and most of them are nice. When I’m lonely and need a friend I know who to call but I really need this issue solved not a friend!

Re: Email support complaint
Master - Level 3

What is going on with your email account? Did waiting this 24 hours fix the problem? If you still need assistance please send me a private message so we can look into this further.