Email to Text Phone Problem

This might sound strange but for years I have been sending emails to my wife's phone and she has been responding to them. And vice versa. I send them through my Verizon account using Windows Live Mail. She recieves them as text messages, not emails. After doing that for years all the sudden on Friday it stopped working.

For example from my email I send things to I have been doing this without problem until now. DOes anyone know of any changes? Or problems? Virgin Mobile told me they changed nothing.

Re: Email to Text Phone Problem
Master - Level 3

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having getting emails to show up as text messages to her phone. This will be something you have investigate with Virgin Mobile. The person you spoke with might have realized changes that took place. You email will send/receive to/from any address. It sounds to be a problem with the address. To prove this, please use a non verizon email (Hotmail, gmail, etc) to send to that address and see if she received it. If it doesn't work using these other email addresses, then its 100% not a Verizon problem. Servers on her mobile carriers end receive the email to that address and convert it to a text message to send to her and this is where I think the process is breaking down. Now if you guys can send back and forth still using a non-Verizon email address, then there could be an email block somewhere and we would try to help investigate this with you. Please post back if further assistance is required.