We are receiving a error message when we send a email, Explore is not working and close the program. What is this.

Re: Email
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Many of us are having problems since they added the new security feature to the E mail (https)  Please take the time to call Verizon.  They pay little attention to just a few complaints.  I have been calling daily, but they claim that the problem is with my computer.  Not so, I have two computers using different operating systems, and both have the E mail problem.  We can not access our E mail at all.  This has been going on for a week now.  I have had a friend who is a software person look at my computers and he told me the problem is with Verizon software.  He also told me not to allow any of their support personnel to mess with my computer.

I am giving it another week and then, since I now have no contract, I am going back to Comcast.  Their service is not much better, but their porblem is that their wires in our area need replacing. 

I might make one last attempt to get the situation corrected.  Once before when I had a problem, I wrote a letter to the CEO of Verizon.  I got his address by doing a computer search.  I received a reply, by way of a phone call from his office, and my problem was addressed immediately.  Sometimes, if you can get to the top, you can get things done.

I may also ask Verizon to compensate me for the lost service as their terms of service provides for that.

I hope they get it fixed. It will be a pain to move my service. Smiley Mad