I had typed a pretty lengthy reply to an email and it was saved in the drafts folder.  The internet suddenly shut down. This has been happening a lot, but that is not my immediate problem I desperately need help with right away.  I pulled the internet back up and went into my email account, pulled up the draft reply and was getting ready to edit the draft when it suddenly disappeared.  I did not cancel it,  I did not put it in the trash.  (My trash folder is empty)  How can I retrieve this misteriously missing draft.  It was several paragraphs long and I had spend a good deal of time on it.  I can't imagine trying to do it all over again.  Where did it go and can I possibly get it back.  Is there an undo button.  Even if there is I still don't know where the draft email response went.  It was there and just suddenly disappeared.  I have no idea where it went and no idea how to retrieve it.  Can anyone help me.  It is just overwhelming to think of trying to retype my reply.  Please help me find it.

Re: Email
Specialist - Level 2

It has gone to Internet Heaven and can not be retreived.  Verizon is having many problems with their E mail right now.  For the last couple of weeks things have gotten worse and worse.  Complain! Complain!.