I am a new customer to verizon so I don't know the differences between the "old" version and the "new" version, but I have to say that I dislike Verizon email 100%.  As a long time Cablevision customer, I have to say that I miss their Webmail.

Also, why does your email time out so quickly.  There should be more choices and you should be able to choose that you want to stay signed in for 8 hours while at work or 1 hour while at a coffee shop, or whatever.  Currently it's ___ or 2 weeks, not long enough vs. way too long!!

Please also explain why there is such a delay sometimes between when an email was sent and when received.  Sometimes it takes over an hour to receive an email??

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Sorry that you do not like the webmail. You can always use a program on your computer to download and manager your email (Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc).

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Why doesn't Verizon just fix it?