Since the email service has been improved and updated, the security problem with spam is now evident.  I never used to get any spam, which it should be that way since it is paid for, but spam is suddenly flooding in.  I now have bought a subscription to Spam Arrest which will eliminate the problem.  Too bad when I addressed the spam problem to this ISP they have done nothing.  Why should I have to risk emailing out filed things I saved for reference to another email address (and free too)?  It is time consuming and the "crash dummy" new email address I send all my files to to check if they show up red are usual websites that are not spam.  But if your Verizon email account has spam, it attaches to perfectly good emails and you wind up deleting them--even if they are important!  So, don't waste time--try the Spam Arrest (in the search box) and don't let your email address be sabotaged and compromised!  It doesn't cost that much and you can list more than one email address.  What's really costing people is the fact that a Verizon email account is already paid for and should be absolutely spam-free--but now lately, they are not!

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1. Verizon email is free unless you are paying for Verizon Your Domain. You pay for the internet, not the email.

2. My Verizon account *is* completely spam free. That's because I don't use it to sign up for mailing lists or sites with questionable privacy policies. Everyone can keep themselves from getting spam.

3. Have you tried out the filters and Blocked Senders list that Verizon already provides?