Emails are gone

Hello everyone, I have been a Verizon customer for several years. I use your email service as my main email, and I have found it to be reliable with Microsoft Office Outlook, and my iPhone 4. I recently totaled my hard drive on my computer and was forced to purchase a new one, and I lost all of my old mail that was in Outlook. Soon thereafter, I had to restore my iPhone to factory settings and then restore it from a backup. Thankfully, unlike my computer, it restored everything successfully...except for my email. I didn't think this was a problem and I went to the Verizon online mail client expecting to be able to recover my files from there that I had lost on both my iPhone and computer, and alas, there are only 16 unread messages, all of them from today. Is there anything that I am missing, or a way for them to be recovered from the server? I have heard of Outlook downloading the mail from the server and then eating it, but maybe it can be recovered directly from the server by a Verizon professional. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, as I am in quite a fix; the quicker, the better, because I wouldn't want the majority of my important emails to be deleted because they were on the server for too long.


Re: Emails are gone
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Sorry...  Your emails are lost.

Now is a good time to learn about Outlook Archive folders which is a construct available to any version of MS Office Outlook.  They exist as compressed disk files with the PST file extension ( *.PST files ).

You can have emails manually or automatically moved or copied into Archive Folders.  Then on a periodic basis you can copy the PST file(s) to a Flash Drive, External Hard Disk or burn them to DVD or DVDRW discs.   This way you have full control of your email messages and you will have backups in case of disasters.

NOTE:  If you do use DVD media, don't let a singular PST grow over ~4.5GB so the PST will fit on DVD media