Emails in Inbox go away without any action on my part
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Over the past few months, I have had several very important email messages simply disappear.

I also notice that when I am working with many emails at once, deleting or marking lots of messages (like as many as 50 or more at a time) as trash or spam, the Webmail system becomes confused and displays messages out of order on my screen.

This might well mean that synchronization between what's sent to my secreen and your database is becoming disordered after I delete a large number of messages at once.  If that is so, then if I mark some messages to delete or move to spam, then other messages that I want to keep may be lost.

For example, I may delete 70 messages and not notice that the message order afterward is out of sequence for my chosen sort method (usually arrival time).  Blocks of messages are disarrayed.

Then, the tenth message on my screen may be "Buy my widgets", and I mark it for deletion along with other trash emails.  BUT on your system, the tenth message may be from my bank about an important financial issue, and it could be either deleted or moved to an error file, or ???.

Or the cause of the losses may be something else.

PLEASE fix this soon!!!

Re: Emails in Inbox go away without any action on my part
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Community Leader

Your talking to peers here.

This is not a good place to post suggests or problems you are having with Webmail.

Personally I suggest using a eMail client product and avoid using Webmail.