Emails not deleting on verizon server, from MS Outlook client
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I evidently have 5 years of emails on the verizon server (45K emails). 

And have finally hit some quota.

I use MS Outlook POP3 with advanced settings of

- Leave a copy of the messages on the server (checked)

      - Remove from server after [N] days   (unchecked)

      - Remove from server when deleted from "Deleted Items'  (checked)

I thought when I deleted items locally from within Outlook and eventually purged my Deleted Items folder, they would get deleted at the Verizon server as well.  Evidently not.

I do have multiple devices -  Two Computers and an iPhone, so perhaps this prevents any one of them from permanently deleting anything from the server.  Or perhaps the last one in defines it. 

Anyhow, other than trying to fix those settings for the future, my issue is how to best batch delete the undesired mails on the server, while still preserving the desired, as a backup of sorts, and for ease of use when bringing a new device (PC or phone) online in the future. 

There appears to be no "sweep"-like functions on the Verizon email website interface.   All I can do is either

- put 50 on screen at a time, select all, and delete, and wait for the next 50 to show, many times being from the same source.

- put unlimited (45K) on screen, multi-select as many as the UI loads, delete, and wait for the UI to re-sort and display more.  This hangs many times requiring me to exit to the Verizon main screen and come back into the email screen, bring them all up in default sort, then select to sort by sender. Rinse Repeat. 

- Delete them all - take the loss on having them as backup  - Outlook has them locally.  But not sure they are backed up properly.  I've never tried to restore a .pst file before.

- Play with the MyVerizon web site UI folders, move desired email into a new holding folder, delete the remainders eventually.  But this is as tedious as purging the undesired in the first place.

- Get a gmail account - notify contacts. Cut bait with the server.

Any thoughts, advice?

Re: Emails not deleting on verizon server, from MS Outlook client
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Actually the verizon server only held email back to April 2014.  Which is sort of odd.  If it purges the oldest email on its own, why did it block new email today for hitting the quota?

After some further reading, I went with the heavy handed approach of deleting all email on the verizon server up to this year.  I may just nuke it all.  My local Outlook .pst file has the archive email I want (I think), and it gets backed up.

I think I may just set the POP3 settings to delete mail off the server after 30 days, figuring we pull it daily, and only go on vacation for 2w max at a time, so we'll always be back to pull recent mail to the PC.  We'll have already been reading it on the phones anyhow, but since its POP3 and not IMAP, we'll always have the option to pull locally to the PC as a repository.  

Re: Emails not deleting on verizon server, from MS Outlook client
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Did you ever get a solution to this from the helpful people at Verizon?