Erasing e-mail messages

I recently was alerted that my e-mail box was almost at maximum.  So I wanted to erase e-mails from from last year to the very beginning.  I was deleting one page at a time and I found it was too much work.  Is there anyway I can at least go to the beginning page? ie: #1?  That way I can at least erase one page of 20 or 30 (e-mails) at a time. 

It would be at least be easier than going backwords, like I am doing it now.

The easiest way to erase from point B to beginning.  ie: by year or by month or both.


Norman K

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Re: Erasing e-mail messages
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SEttings-General Settings -  display - number of messages per page - set to no limit - save. OPen inbox and put a check mark next to the first email to be deleted, scroll down and hold shift and click the last email to be deleted.