Error 14 and sub-account password change

My internet service fee increased the service went down.... Slow moving between pages, keeps freezing up. Since "forced" e-mail update, have Verizon/Yahoo, I cannot open e-mails, error 14. I have spend months to figure this out. Called tech support twice, absolutely no help, no change. They wanted to connect me me with another tech but it would cost me money. Found out I wasted hours to fix an unsolvable problem that is really with Yahoo. Called Yahoo, on the automated service is says, when calling about e-mail update.... zero. They know about the problem and don't fix it. Meanwhile I am paying internet service for what? Only thing I can do.... dump Yahoo, but how. I would need to buy an external harddrive to move all e-mails etc however they cannot be opened, more money to fix their problem. Can I send the bill to them until it is fixed. I charge $100 per day for as long as I cannot open e-mails. I am furious about Verizon/Yahoo not willing to fix their problem.