Excess bill and representative did not do as told

Dear Sir/Madam,

I cancelled my cellphone on my 09/13 bill and it was all fine till 10/13 bill which was $121.98. I did not notice after that Verizon was charging me old bill. Then on January I called up the customer care and let the representative know about this. She said its because my cellphone was not completely cancelled which nobody told me in the beginning. She understood I did not use cellphone after I cancelled on 09/13 and told me she will credit me excess of $338.84 charged extra in these months. But when I looked at my account now, my credit card was again charged and there is no credit in my account.

Please help me resolve the problem and I am assuming you can verify everything there to understand my situation.


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Re: Excess bill and representative did not do as told
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