Existing email address trasnfer to another account? Can that be requested?

I suspect I may know the answer but I also know that things change so here goes.  

Originally I started with DSL with verizon and had an email address with the usual @verizon.net.  I try not to use it much because I don't want it slammed with spam or possibly that someone would try to use it for nefarious purposes.  When I switched from DSL to FIOS my existing verizon email was transferred to the new account (or upgraded I don't know how Verizon may view that).   I now have the significant other living in the house and he is willing to take over the FIOS bill but would like the account in his name for credit history building purposes.  If I didn't have two important things irrevocably tied to my current verizon.net email I wouldn't care about having to change it but the fact is I do so I need to know if Verizon will be able to (or simply will do it) transfer my existing verizon email address to the FIOS account of my other with no issues.

I use my verizon.net email for an mmo game that does not permit email address changes as a measure to prevent game accounts being sold online, hacked etc. so if I ever lose access to verizon.net as it's currently set with them I could lose my whole game account (unreasonable but that's Cryptic these days).  I also have my verizon.net email with the power company and my other email has already been used for my mother's account and so cannot be used again for myself.  So there you have two reasons I have to be able to keep my existing email address and transfer it to the fiance's FIOS account when he sets it up.  I suppose another alternative would be to pay for an email account without other services, does Verizon even offer such a thing?  If it would only be a dollar or two a month I'd just keep my email address active that way and let him move the internet access etc. to his new account in his name.

So, can I either find a way to keep only my existing verizon.net email address or are they going to be able to transfer my email to an account owned by someone besides me.

Re: Existing email address trasnfer to another account? Can that be requested?
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Transferring the email address *can* be done, but whether Verizon *will* transfer it or not is another matter entirely. Your best bet would be to contact them at a time when both you AND your SO can be on the phone for a while, since they will need both of you to approve the move (if they even agree to do it).

There is an alternative for keeping your email address, Verizon Your Domain. You can sign up by going to www.keepmyemail.com (will redirect to a Verizon page), but make sure you are signed up and the account has been processed before you close your internet account. If I recall correctly, it's only about $20 per year.