FIXED: iPhone 6 Verizon email setup cant send email
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My wife complained that her iPhone 6 can't send email on her Verizon Acct.  Yet she receives emails fine.

I learned that when you create an email acct in iPhone 6 as type "Other" which is what you'd use to setup

The iPhone 6 IOS does NOT properly format your SMTP settings: username and password

Instead of just properly entering a username of  "user" it auto-enters "" (which is wrong !)  This will cause an error on iPhone saying username is wrong and you can't send email.

I also found that the password that you you initially entered on first setup screen becomes corrupt when your iPhone 6 enters it in the SMTP password field.  This will cause the same error saying that you can't send email because your username/password is wrong. 

Both these mean that you will not be able to send email messages because of this.  Change both and things will work and you can send email

FWIW - This really isn't Verizon's fault - its an iPhone IOS defect ( or worse a virus of some kind )

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Re: FIXED: iPhone 6 Verizon email setup cant send email

Thank You.  This was driving me crazy.

One extra comment on this.  To do the reset as stated in the last post, you need to click on the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, then click on the PRIMARY SERVER area and "retype" your user name and then "retype" the password.  It will then verify your account and it should start allowing you to reply/forward emails.