Failure: Connecting to port 465 on

Trying to configure a hardware firewall to send logs to my Verizon FiOS ( email address.  Node is inside of Verizon's network and configured to use SSL port 465 at  Verizon's service forcibly ends connection or results in a time-out.  I am not trying to relay to another network.  Attempted to connect via SSH as well to test, but no joy.

Any ideas?

Re: Failure: Connecting to port 465 on
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Community Leader

You are talking to peers.

As far as firewall as long as you allow port 465 outgoing, the connection SHOULD work.

What error message(s)?  What device (PC, mac, phone, etc), and what email software?  What network and hopefully you are not trying this from another country (whole threads about Verizon cutting off foreign access).

Make sure you are using clear text passwords over the encrypted connection.