Flawed Email Spam Detector System
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After spending two days with your technical folks, it has come to my attention that you have no control over your Spam Detector System. It is SEVERELY flawed and actually outsourced system for which NONE of your people can contact (phone or text) to question it's filter settings.

Case-in-point: an individual running our groups Bible Study can no longer send messages of future studies to ANY Verizon user. Cox, Gmail, and Yahoo all have no problems receiving the emails. No matter what I've done (via instructions from your technicians), I'm unable to receive incoming messages from this individual. What is WORSE, is the fact I had OTHER messages sent from my work (American University) which were held within your spam detection directory. The ONLY solution which has been found to work is to SHUT OFF your spam detection system! Note that this problem has ONLY surfaced with your NEWEST spam filtering system. 

I'm wondering ... how many other of your customers are missing important messages and have NO CLUE this is going on?!!! 

There is NO EXCUSE this is going-on without your stepping in to remove this system ... or at least, change these filters that are inappropriately excluding your customer's messages!

PS> I've written an email with one of the spam filtered message to your "spamdetector.update@verizon.net" on 9 June to no avail ... i.e., no response is forthcoming.... 

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Re: Flawed Email Spam Detector System

Those folks need to get on the whitelist.

» If you are an outside organization, please use the ISP form
» If you are a Verizon Online member, please use the Member form

Filter rules are handled like many ISP's and you have to send an email to the appropriate address, and that goes to an auto database to update,  nobody really updates it by hand.  Those days are almost completely, long gone.  

So for spam that is bad and not caught, you would send an email to spamdetector.notcaught@verizon.net

and for spam that should be legit, that is getting blocked you would send an email to spamdetector.update@verizon.net

If you believe we erred in identifying one of your outgoing emails as spam, you can send the original message to us at spamdetector.update@verizon.net. (Please be sure that the above email address is the sole recipient. Do not add other recipients in the "To", "CC" or "BCC" fields, or we will not receive your message. Do not alter the original message by adding or removing comments, text, or attachments.) Within an hour of receiving your report, we will reevaluate the digital signature and, if the message is believed to be legitimate, adjust our spam filters as appropriate. Please note that Verizon won’t notify you about the outcome of our review. Rather, you should try resending the message 30 – 60 minutes after submitting your report to Verizon.

One thing that I have noticed that might be of help, is that people that are incorrectly identified as spam are using an email program like outlook or windows mail, and there is something in their file headers or signature file that is customizeable that is setting off the redflag.   If that MIGHT be the case, test it by sending an email from verizon's webmail instead.  or go to www.isnotspam.com and send your email there for a free evaluation of what is setting off the red flags.