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Having a problem with the Font Size in the "From" & "Subject" Sections of my email.  The Font is very small that you can barely see it.  The "To" Section Font size is correct however the From & Subject Font is very small.

I have searched every section to try to figure out how to change it and cannot find the solution.

Can anyone Assist with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello XCheif,

I believe I know what the issue is and I was able to recreate your symptoms in my Internet Explorer browser with our test account here at work. Your issue may be related to the text size you have the browser set for.

For I.E. to change the text size go to the Menu bar at the top, then to View, then to Text Size. You'll have options from Smallest to Largest. The settings should be similar for other browsers such as Chrome, or Fire Fox, but may reside in different settings locations.

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