Font style, size, color -- don't work anymore

Until a few weeks ago, Compose Email functioned just like MS Word as far as buttons supplied. I could highlight a string of text and change the style, size, color, and/or background of just that string (as I just did here!).

I could then change another string any way I wanted.

Now, I can't change anything except when starting the message, and after that, nothing font-wise can be changed!

Anyone else having this experience? Is there any workaround? Does Verizon need to fix this site-wise?

Another annoying thing that has always plagued me in their Compose Email is that when you try to place the cursor somewhere in or below the text already typed, it jumps all the way to the beginning or all the way to the end -- what a drag!

Re: Font style, size, color -- don't work anymore
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I just logged into the Verizon website and the email font formatting was working just fine. There is a chance you are in plain text mode. To go back to rich text, click the link below the subject box that says "rich text". If you are still having troubles please send me a private message.

Re: Font style, size, color -- don't work anymore

I agree with Anthony, the Verizon webmail application works just fine for me (one exception, see below) , I can change font, size, color, etc any time I want. And very clearly if you happen to be in Plain Text Mode those functions don't work.

Another possibility is some browser add-on that you have recently installed, updated, or re-configured in your browser, some setting in the browser that you have changed, or some service applied to the browser, has changed the way the browser handles the Verizon webmail page. I know for sure that others have occasionally experienced some problems with Verizon webmail due to an add-on interferring. Do you have any add-ons installed? If so, I suggest you start your browser without any add-ons and see if the problem persists. What browser are you using? FWIW, I am using Firefox, but I cannot reproduce the font size, color, etc. issues in IE or Google Chrome either.

Regarding your comment about the cursor not being positioned where you want it, I cannot reproduce that either in Firefox or IE, the cursor goes exactly where I click on the email I am composing. This again indicates to me that you have something in your browser interferring with the webmail application if you are using either of those browsers. However, I can reproduce the cursor not being positioned properly in Chrome using the default font; if I change the font then the curor will be positioned correctly. Strange.....

Hope this helps.

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